I’m going to start covering more tips and procedures for MindMapping in MindManager from Mindjet throughout this blog.  I have covered higher level uses in the past but will delve more into specific actions and tasks.

For my readers that are not aware, I am a MindManager trainer and have been for almost two years. 

Today, I would like to point out a simple tip about AutoCorrection.  In MindManager there is a default setting that corrects the spelling of words as you type.  Its a common enough function in many programs.  MindManager has a specific menu option solely for this function that is not combined with the normal spelling options.  In comparison, if you wanted to turn auto correction off in Microsoft Word, you would only need to Select Tools>Options>Spelling & Grammar Tab>Select the check box option for ‘Check Spelling as you type.’

In MindManager if you go to Tools>Options>Spelling and uncheck the check spelling as you type it will only stop the underlining of mis-spelled words. 

How to Turn AutoCorrect Off in MindManager

To stop the AutoCorrect of words in MindManager, it is required that the user go to Tools>AutoCorrect Options…>Select uncheck checkbox for ‘Replace text as you type’   and that is all it takes.

Advanced AutoCorrect Tip

You can add, delete or edit the library of common words that are replaced with the most common mistakes.

As example Wensday is changed to Wednesday and em is replace with me.  This is actually how I found this option.  I was writing about Texas Hold ’em and the auto-correct kept changing ’em to me.  🙂


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