As a follow up to my post MindManager Pro 6 MindMapping Tip Turning Auto Correct Off, I found something that is a little buggy in application.  I’ll send it to Mindjet, but wanted to mention it here so that everyone could understand the potential situation.

If a word is typed while AutoCorrect is on, and that word is in the autocorrect list, the word will be corrected immediately after the word is typed.
This ‘immediately after’ part is where things get a little buggy.
When in topics this can occur after hitting space, enter or tab (might be others)

When typing in notes it can be after a person hits space or enter.
Much of the time this will not create an issue.  I only ran into the problem with Texas Hold ’em which is kind of strange.

here’s what happened
originally when I type em it would correct to me, Texas Hold me

Texas Hold Me is a completely different game and wasn’t the game I was playing.

So I went into the AutoCorrect library and changed the rule from

Replace: em With: me
Replace: em With: ’em


  1. Every time I typed Texas Hold ’em,
  2. I would hit enter or space after the letter m   and the auto correct would replace the 2 letters em with 3 characters ’em. 
  3. This resulted into falling into a strange loop.
  4. I would hit  space and Texas Hold ’em would change to Texas Hold ”em
    Then I would hit enter trying to get the cursor to move and ”em would change to ”’em

The buggy part

Apparently AutoCorrect did not recognize the single quote as a character included in the letter combination/word    ’em                 

It was inserting the 3 characters I had told it to use.  Plus, I had to use my mouse to click on a different section or topic to get out of the strange loop.
With other characters that are letters this doesn’t seem to happen.

My Solution

So for my own purposes, I’m turning the AutoCorrect off and leaving it off.  I’ve run into other issues in the past that I didn’t write up, especially with Acronyms, names, and company names.

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