As I mentioned recently I have recently investigated the potential to link QuickBase into Microsoft Project. The ability is there today. A user can download a desktop application that serves as the tool that downloads the relevant data from QuickBase and pipes it into Project. You can then work on it in Project and later push it back up to QuickBase.

Via this tool, It should be theoretically possible to create a link from QuickBase to the Desktop Ap to Microsoft Project and then to Mindjet’s MindManager and all the way back again.

QuickBase Connectivity to Microsoft Project and beyond

Given Mindjet’s past work with an accelerator that works with I recommended that QuickBase should consider exploring contact with MindJet to build out a similar accelerator there as well. QuickBase would have a greater advantage over in this potential future. QuickBase provides CRM like but it also provide Project Management and general Database abilities (plus online access in real time to that Database!).

So in theory an Accelerator could enable QuickBase to become the online Database element for MindManager that could enable realtime sharing of MindMaps across Networks!

Now they just need to meet each other and collaborate.

“Intuit let me introduce you to Mindjet.”

“Mindjet let me introduce you to Intuit.”

Sounds like a joint venture made in heaven.