I was prompted to check for an update on MindManager Pro 7 today.  Along with this update, I noticed that I am now required to either create or use an account to get the update to go through.

With any other software program, I wouldn’t think twice about that.  However, for no reason I have been able to discern over the years, I am rarely able to keep my accounts at Mindjet open.  They always disappear (not turned off or deactivate, just gone like they never existed).

So as I read this message, I am a little concerned that if I try this upgrade, I might lose yet another MindManager account and the penalty this time could be something that prevents me from being able to use MindManager.  🙁

That would be bad, but it would give me something to write about.  . . .



guess I’ll be your guinea pig and see what happens! 🙂

I’ve been going through a lot of that this week as I just finished moving most of my stuff from Georgia to North Carolina.  I was able to try out a number of gadgets in odd situations and some of them failed pretty spectacularly, but I’ll be covering that on a different site soon as the gadgets, computer desks, and moving equipment I encountered don’t really belong on this site.