Sometime back I was first introduced to Mindjet connect under MindManager version 7.  Under that account I received a trial account to connect.  At the time, I did not use the account.  It was in the early days and none of my partners were using connect and so there was no one for me to connect with.

Its the peril of cloud computing and social networks.  Sometimes they need to develop a critical mass before they become useful.  Facebook would be a pretty worthless tool if you were the only one there, same goes for Twitter!

This evening, I received an email from Mindjet indicating that my account was going to expire.  I’ll admit that I had forgotten about the account, even though I upgraded to version 8 last fall.

When I logged in, I noticed that my Connect account was still registered with my Version 7 license.  (Actually, it was a trial version of 7 from a long time ago.)

I couldn’t identify anyway to upgrade my Connect account information so that I could replace my license number with my current license number.  But a little digging pointed me in the direction of this message.

About the Mindjet Connect trial account

Mindjet offers a free 30-day trial of Mindjet Connect service. During the 30-day trial, you will be able to invite up to 5 users to your account. We recommend you read the Mindjet Connect Data Sheet here:
Please click this link to view tutorials on using Mindjet Connect:

Promotional offer:

All customers who purchase a new license, or upgrade to MindManager Pro 8 between November 11th and December 31st, will receive a complimentary 6 month subscription to Mindjet Connect service. Your MindManager 8 license key is also the activation key for your free 6-month Mindjet Connect subscription account. The following steps must be followed to activate your free Mindjet Connect account.
1. Install MindManager 8 for Windows
2. On the MindManager 8 toolbar, click on the Connect tab.
3. Click “Create Account
4. Click the link “Extended Mindjet Connect Promotion
5. Enter in your MindManager 8 license key to validate your account
(to locate your license key, click on the Tools tab and select “About MindManager”)
For more information on this promotion, please click here:

Please note:
The license key used to activate the Connect account can only be used once. The first person to successfully register the account using the MindManager 8 license key becomes the account owner. The account owner is responsible for adding/removing users, and sets each users access level.  

Apparently, I could sign up for a complimentary 6 month subscription to Mindjet Connect based on my version 8 account.  But I suspect that I have to actually let my account from version 7 expire as there is no way to update the account information.

So I’m going to give that a try and finally make the Connect plunge and see how this tool can be used with MindManager.

By the way, it costs about $10 a month normally for a Mindjet Connect account, or $120 per year.