In a move that puts the “o” in obvious, Microsoft is working on a new project to bring a mobile gaming device to the market. The same team that brought Xbox to life is working to come up with a mobile version.

Let’s recap . . .

Microsoft is working to bring the following new items
Origami – UMPC
Electronic Wallett
Mobile Gaming Device and Games
Xbox 360 – done
Games – Done
Vista – coming soon
SQL Server 2005 – Implementing and chasing after IBM
Smart Phone itself – working or done depending on how you look at the industry

Things that have been accomplished
Smart Phone OS – done
PDA – done
Media PC’s – Done

So what’s missing?
Trains, Planes and Automobiles
(no joke think Vista running on the dash with Mapblast powering a GPS device)
(please return your seets and trays to an upright position and replace the courtesy Origami device in the head rest in front of you)
VOIP Phone systems
Microsoft for Tanks, and Battle Stations, Smart bombs (All major corporations eventually move into Governmental business and defense)
Space – Nasa – Rockets, Satellites, Space Stations (Server 2015 for Space Stations)

Microsoft working on mobile game device: report – Yahoo! News