Microsoft has released a Keyboard and HD laser mouse to be used with Macintosh computers.

The keyboard in white appears to be a fairly typical Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard (absent the Windows button of course). It doesn’t take much for a OEM to spit out a slightly different version of a widget, so this isn’t a technical release to “oooo” and ‘aaaahh’ about.

However, this would be unique in that Microsoft is building a hardware component to use with Macs (as opposed to the software they have been creating for decades now). It also appears to be a transparent move by both Apple and Microsoft. Apple lovers often gush over the usability of their Macs and guffaw at the lack of usability of Windows based PC’s. However, Apple is a pragmatic company and they partner with anyone that can help their bottom line whether that’s Microsoft or the RIAA or any of the sometimes identified ‘corporate bad guys and monsters.’ Yet despite Apple’s partnerships with all of these Narry-do-well conglomerates (never mind Apple’s stronghold on the MP3 player market and recent regulative efforts to curb its potential to create its own monopoly), Apple always seems to walk away from the fray with a pristine reputation.

I have my opinions on this but today would like to here back from some of my readers.

Why does Apple’s reputation remain in tact despite growing an MP3 player business into a potential monopoly and partnering with the RIAA and for almost all the years Apple has been in existence, they have partnered with Microsoft (begrudgingly at times) to provide a complete software and now hardware solution?
Microsoft Releases 1st Mac-Specific Keyboard, Mouse – Microsoft Informer – Blog – CIO