Let’s face it, Microsoft is going on a rampage.

They kicked the year off by launching Xbox 360 and going after Sony’s lead in the gaming business. Microsoft followed this up by pushing Samsung and two other manufacturers to design build and field a new handheld device codenamed Origami.

They have been pushing hard to make headway in mobile phones and smart phone technologies.

However, there is pride on the line now. Microsoft has felt a bit of MicroInsecurity in the Online arena. They have been working overtime to beef up their MSN search capability to fight back against Google. They ran a beta pay per click advertising program that went fully live today with stage one working to plant advertisements on Microsoft controlled sites – displacing ads from Yahoo and Google on their own sites. Future phases will likely see the rollout of ads offered on other publisher website. The new service in this arena will be called AdCenter, a slight variation on Google’s AdWords for advertisers and AdSense for publishers.

Microsoft’s AdCenter will boast the ability to deliver ads to viewers by location and by user profile. So if a Mazda dealership in Savannah, Georgia wants to target ads to twenty something college kids for one car and target other ads to twenty something GI’s for a different car, Microsoft can sort the users out and deliver the ad. All this for a premium advertising fee compared to a fee strictly based on the importance of Keyword bidding as has been the standard in Google bidding arenas.

Microsoft hasn’t stopped there, they have also made several purchases lately and seems to be shopping hard.

It purchased Proclarity not long ago in an effort to boost the look and feel and user interface for SQL 2005. Proclarity is an OLAP data warehouse /datacube tool. Then Microsoft announced efforts to extend links of its SQL 2005 product into closed box Hyperion.

Rounding up the purchases this week, Microsoft purchased Massive a company that focuses on placing advertisements within online video games. Plus, there is talk that Microsoft is looking for an advertising analytics tool to work with possibly both its Adcenter ad campaigns as well as potentially in the online gaming advertisement arena.

Its only May 5th, and Microsoft is tacking hard into the wind going against many different areas. They have delayed the launch of Windows vista and pushed back Office 2007. However, this is a very different segment of the business, that has always pushed back launches since if not before Windows 3.0.

The online world, hardware world, entertainment world and even the old stoggy software world, need to consider where and how hard Microsoft is going to hit next!