Looking for information, looking to share information, looking for insights into how to capitalize financially on information.

Stop here, blog, read and spread the word.

Sir Francis Bacon, is quoted for stating that “Knowledge is Power.” We want to leash the potential of this power, and find a way to make ideas and sharing of ideas pay.

There are many companies that offer up business models to allow people to put their ideas to work, sell their ideas, feedback etc. We want to capture all of them, evaluate them. Identify their strengths and weaknesses, and find a better map through the jungle of information sharing.

Along the way, we will explore actual ideas and review those with a significant amount of potential. We’ll discuss the technologies that enable us to capture, organize, manage and utilize information faster, cheaper, better and find those things that help us utilize our brains more effectively.

For an information maven, there is almost no joy like finding new ideas, understanding them, analyzing them and growing them. The joy only evolves and magnifies and increases as we repeat this process.

We want to harness the power of the cycle of information. Below is an example of the cycle of information, which takes many forms . . .

information maven