I cannot believe that July is almost over.  I have pretty much been working every day this month even though at the beginning of the month I was working nights in spinning a little bit of time in the sun around the Fourth of July.  I wasn’t taking a full month of vacation like our illustrious president who is probably sulking away somewhere in a Texas bed and breakfast.

However, is a freelance writer and consultant, I do have a lot of freedom to choose where and when I will work, and I was not stuck behind a desk in a cubicle somewhere either.  🙂

Needless to say I have a backlog of articles I’ve been meaning to publish here.  I’ve got a great big long queue of videos that I need to upload after I edit them.  I’ve also got several clients I’m working with to start new business or marketing blogs and one blog that I am working to rejuvenate after it has been languishing without an update for almost a year.  I’m going to help that client bring that blog back from the dead and take its new higher levels.

I’m working with shopping carts I have a least one system and have to implement before Wednesday.

In general, I’m basically dropping status update as to where I am here in the blog so that all my readers can catch up with me a little bit.  If you haven’t subscribed, I’m also working to push my readers to try subscription.

Subscriptions are free!  You can receive them either through a feed reader or directly to your e-mail.  This might make it easier for you to keep up with the blog as I prepare to catch up on all the content that I meant to publish in July.

You can find this subscription information in the sidebar to the right.  If you have any questions feel free to send me an e-mail and I will be happy to help.