may have made the model of moving great software capabilities to the web but they were not the end all solution. Today I would like to cover an excellent example of an improving technology that has improved primarily because it has moved to the Web.

I am reviewing services provided by a sponsor MerchantOS. This is a sponsored review but it is an excellent application and example of the right way build a web based tool for mass adoption.

In this case we’re talking about point of sale software (POS software) services moved from the cash register in a store to a computer in the store connected to the internet. Up front my first and primary concern centered around internet connectivity, what happens when the internet goes down?

MerchantOS provides a system that allows transactions to continue even while the internet is down, caching the transactions for a resynchronization once service is brought back up, so the issue is greatly reduced.

Now in the case of this product web based POS has been very aptly covered by Merchant OS. They have done an excellent job of describing the benefits of their offering. I think that the words are excellent, but would also like to provide a map of those details to help you see the big picture a little more rapidly.

MindMap of the MerchantOS Web Based POS systems

Above is our MindMap of the MerchantOS Web Based POS Systems

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