For many months now I have been counseling, coaching, mentoring, recruiting and acting as a guru for people that are looking to learn how to Make Money Blogging. Initially when I started blogging, I started blogging to learn how to perform several different web design functions. I used some of my early blogs to express myself in writing in part and in part to use some of my blogs that are no longer in existence as guinea pigs to learn and do new web design things.

I rapidly learned that many people make a very good living from running websites. Initially I started utilizing Google adsense and I thought, “Could it be possible that I can make money from Google ads and actually fund a company?”

The answer is that you could, but you could also possibly get rich selling Amway. Just because it’s possible doesn’t mean it’s probable or that it’s going to work for most people.

Not too long later I found several ways that people can earn money by blogging that are relatively easy and fairly straight forward. Plus, they do not require a great deal of time to transpire before you earn money for your efforts.

Back in the days of three television networks, TV announcers and hosts like Johnny Carson would provide product endorsements. Bloggers today can provide endorsements or even provide anti-endorsements and earn money from their efforts. On the Internet the axiom that all publicity is good publicity definitely holds true in the blogosphere. A single mention of a company or website that includes the URL to their website is valuable.

From that simple concept, an industry has been growing and growing that helps bloggers earn money up front for creating value by writing on their blogs and developing their blogs in exchanging links and references for cash. It’s very simple it’s very straightforward and it allows almost anyone to start writing a blog as a hobby and rapidly fund their hobby. Eventually they might even choose to turn a hobby into a business but in the meantime you can definitely pay for the gas in your car or pay for dinner at a fancy restaurant several times a week.