MacSpeech Dictate - Think it. Speak it. CreateFor a couple years I’ve been talking about the benefits of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Now I am a PC (guy) myself because I came out of the corporate world and frankly I just haven’t had time to learn how to use a Mac.

A funny thing happened last winter, when Apple hooked up a deal to release MacSpeech on the Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 platform for engine. Essentially version 10 was released at Mac World almost a month before version 10 came to the PC world.

DISCLAIMER! Now I haven’t used a Mac and I haven’t used MacSpeech. That said, they are supposed to be basically the same voice recognition engine on two different machines. If you look at the capabilities listed by both they’re very similar. The Macintosh version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, claims that it can be set up and running within about five minutes. Last weekend at BlogWorld, I clocked the setup of Dragon NaturallySpeaking PC at about seven minutes or about the time it takes to get your appetizers at Applebees. I suppose it could’ve been done just a little bit faster, but seven minutes compared to an hour on version 9 or a week on version 3 seemed like a pretty good deal to me.

That said, here’s a great YouTube Demo from Prof Ramsey.

MacSpeech Dictate

Any software program that you can take out of the box and install, and then spend five minutes setting up so that you can talk to your computer and your computer will convert your speech in the text is pretty amazing in my opinion. In fact it’s pretty amazing in my experience!

Unlike the PC version which comes in a standard and a preferred software offering, Mac speech only comes in one version which would appear to be the equivalent of the preferred version of PC. The price is also the same as the preferred version on a PC for that matter, it costs $199.

I’ve covered some of the specs of the Mac version again, but just so that you don’t have to go hunting back through old pages of our website, I’m including them below one more time.

Summary from Nuance . . .

Nuance is proud to offer MacSpeech Dictate, the premier speech recognition solution for the Intel Macintosh. With MacSpeech Dictate you focus on what you have to say… just think it, speak it, and create it. It’s that simple. MacSpeech Dictate provides amazing speech recognition accuracy and easily works with the applications you already have, including Apple apps like Mail, iChat, iPhoto, and more. MacSpeech Dictate even controls your Mac; just speak a command and MacSpeech Dictate executes it for you. MacSpeech Dictate requires no more than five minutes of training and is as fun, productive, and intuitive to use as the Mac itself. Think it. Speak it. Create it. MacSpeech is Desktop Speech Recognition for Macintosh Users. Click Here for MacSpeech!


· Uses the Legendary Dragon NaturallySpeaking Recognition Engine: At the core of MacSpeech Dictate is the world-renowned Dragon speech recognition engine. It’s the brains and brawn behind MacSpeech Dictate’s phenomenal accuracy.

· Amazing Accuracy: MacSpeech Dictate will astonish you with its accuracy. You simply talk and leave the recognition to MacSpeech Dictate.

· Essential Command Capabilities: Instead of using your mouse to select menu commands or your keyboard to type shortcuts, just speak a command. MacSpeech Dictate executes it for you. What could be easier?

· Works with the Apps You Already Have: Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress, and on, and on … MacSpeech Dictate works with them all. And, of course, MacSpeech Dictate works great with Apple’s applications as well, including iChat, Mail, iPhoto, Keynote, and more.

· Minimal Training Required: With just five minutes or less of training, MacSpeech Dictate provides astounding accuracy and productivity. With very little time investment, you’ll be using MacSpeech Dictate’s superior capabilities.

· Comes with Everything You Need, Including Headphones: There are no hidden costs. MacSpeech Dictate includes everything you need to be productive as soon as you start using it, including a high quality headphone/microphone unit.

MacSpeech Dictate

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