This week when I attended the Consumer Electronics Show, myself and several people at the show had a group epiphany about High Definition television as  we watched a HD TV at the Samsung booth.

The HD TV on display (one of several dozen) was playing The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (aka Narnia for those that haven’t read the book).  I was standing next to a buyer from a retailer.  As I watched the pivotal battle scene at the end, I noticed that the makeup on the characters looked ludicrously fake.  Many of the characters looked like they had just walked in from trick-or-treating to cameo in the battle scene.

These were not extras or animated characters but supporting role type characters.  The HD TV provided such clear definition that you could see that the makeup was very fake.  The blurred line between fiction and reality had been removed and the reality pretending to be fiction was revealed.

I started speaking about it with the buyer and he and a couple other viewers commented as well that the Movie Industry would need to up their game to keep up with the technology.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the Movie and TV industry would have to get better, but TV manufacturers, distributors and retailers might experience some pain as well.

After all who wants to spend several thousand dollars on a TV only to have a film revealed as a cheap looking fake.  There is no fun in watching a magic act if you can see the slight of hand in every move transmitted in vivid detail as it happens and the same goes for HD TV and the movies and shows they play.  It is an incredible medium for watching reality from sports to nature shows, but staged events and movies are more closely being revealed for the fakes that they are.

The puppet masters are going to have to find a new method for guiding a puppet without any visible strings.

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