This one is so simple that its obvious, especially if you are an expert at picking locks.

Most door locks, pad locks and other types of locks have not evolved well with the times.  Yes there are some high end products that provide somewhat better security but in general the door lock is in need of an overhaul.

The Wall Street Journal ocvered a piece a couple weeks back about a group of crackers that work to pick locks.  They among other thing provide their findings to the manufacturers and the world for that matter by sharing tutorials and videos on the internet.

That’s right YouTube may be carrying the black hat equivalent of open source cracks on your front door.  Forget the security flaws in your Windows XP system that Microsoft just learned about a week ago when a sixteen year old programmer from The Netherlands published a flaw on the internet.

These guys and girls might be publishing video instructions on YouTube that will help someone walk in your front door.

Sure that’s scary in a Department of Homeland defense color coded red sort of way, but the open source share the weakness and make it public so the public will demand better kind of approach has some validity.  Many police officers will tell you and show you after a break in that your door locks are probably sub par.  So maybe a little social awareness of the broken technology of locks is what we really do need!


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