I’d like to tell you about the birds and the bees and Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  This will not be a graphic tale, however I would like to share with you one small little pitfall that you may notice a Dragon NaturallySpeaking from time to time.

Today I have the good fortune to be working in my home office, which consists of my front deck sitting in the sun in a beautiful 75° day just north of Atlanta.  The flowers are blooming, the trees are shedding their butts and turning green and the birds and the bees are doing what the birds and the bees do; the Wood bees are eating the wood out from under my feet on my deck and the birds are seen like crazy for reasons I don’t want to get into! 

The thing is that the birds are singing so loudly, that the know is is registering slightly with Dragon NaturallySpeaking when I talk.  So Dragon is picking up my voice and attempting to transcribe the words, but it’s also picking up several chirps and squeals and whistles in the background that are blending with my tenor to baritone voice.

The result is that I am watching my screen transcribe my words and add the word “he” in what appears to be a random fashion every two to three minutes or as the birds ramp up in their cycle.

Yesterday under similar circumstances when the birds were a little more quiet I ran into some similar problems with lawn mowers and chainsaws.  In the past I’ve commented on how my dog barking can trigger the send command when I’m composing an e-mail message.

Now I’m using the noise canceling microphone that comes with Dragon NaturallySpeaking preferred, so I’m in pretty good shape.  I’m not complaining mind you it still works very very well.  However if you are transcribing far that is dictating in a less than quiet atmosphere (especially with a portable device) you should be prepared for the decrease in transcription accuracy that you might even be able to chalk up to the birds and the bees even though it no technical support rep in the world will understand that very well.