It looks like it will not be long before Lenovo issues a battery recall on Sony batteries being used in Thinkpads.

The LAX ThinkpadBomb fire that occurred a couple weeks ago has apparently been linked back to a Sony battery.  So now its just a matter of time before the recall gears get cranked up and start to run.  According to ITWire many Lenovo Thinkpad T43’s contain the same Sony Lithium Ion Batteries that forced the recall of almost 6 million Dell and Apple laptop batteries.

This soon to be latest recall will be the third large manufacturer to be impacted by Sony battery defects.  It shouldn’t take repeated laptop fires to spur on these recalls.  It raises the obvious question,

“What other manufacturer’s bought these defective batteries from Sony and why is Sony not speaking up about the problem and issuing a proactive recall before someone is hurt or worse yet killed?”

Sony is actually very very lucky. If that Thinkpad fire had actually occured on a plane, while in the air instead of in the LAX terminal, the war on terror might have refocussed its attention on the Sony board room. A company is far better off being smart and on top of a situation. Luck only lasts for so long and is not a good way to run a multinational company. Sony needs to step up and consider a larger recall campaign before more surprises pop up.

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