Many of  remember a few years back, if you had a laptop and wanted to upgrade the memory, it often times cost more than $100 and $200  $300 for 512 mb or 1 GB wasn’t that strange.

ram But these days laptop memory is cheap,cheap cheap!

If you have a laptop there is no better time to max out your ram memory and wash down those memories of expensive ram with a beer.

I’ve loaded my laptop up with 4 gigabytes for next to nothing.  Now, my XP laptop will only recognize 3 gb even though the hardware can handle 4gb, but at about $20  – $40 at, who really cares! 

Max it out and forget about it.  It is then just one less thing to worry about when you are running to many applications on your computer.  If you have Vista on your machine the OS can recognize a lot more RAM too.

These days it costs less to fill up your laptop with RAM whether or not it is on sale or not than it is to put a half tank of gas in your car.

Besides with the money you save from running a faster machine, you might then be able to invest that money in gas or even in going mobile completely and picking up an aircard.