Not too long ago I upgraded my kitchen. We tore out of wall that separated a dining room and a kitchen that were both rather compartmentalized and we’ve put in a great big Island with cooktop stove. Cooktop stoves do not have range hoods to suck out the hot steamy air that would rise up off conventional stovetops. Instead it has a fan built into the center of the cooktop stove that draws the steam and smoke down into the cooktop itself and out through events that go up through the floorboards of the House.

This technology fights the natural progression that hot air would like to make as it attempts to rise, however it does do a good job of minimalizing the impact on the space above the cooktop.

The laptop analogy to cooktop stoves

Now as I look at the fans used on cooktop stoves, I come back to the fundamental question and problem that I always face with my laptop. How to keep it cool and running efficiently and strange conditions especially when I’m working outside life and this evening. I have to wonder if the would be possible to create a desk similar to a hockey table where you play air hockey that has holes in it that move air. Those holes could instead of pushing air of suck air down pulling the hot air surrounding the laptop service down into the desk and out through events. Instead of blowing cool air on the laptop you could take the hot air away essentially.

Similar to a aerosol can that contains compressed air, the air leaving the can could even serve to cool the of the desk. There’s got to be a better way it’s a simple thing…