Today, I received a chain email talking about a new ‘Jury Duty Scam.’ Many of us never know whether or not to believe these chain mails these days as they could be real, could be urban legend, or could be something that has morphed through the grapevine with a little truth and a little fiction. Today’s email even had a ‘trusted’ source with a web address. A web address costs next to nothing, so even a scammer could post a web address with details about scams and then scam the people that are looking for instructions in avoiding scams. EEH Gads! Circles within Circles.

So I googled the topic ‘Jury Duty Scam’ and took the 4th hit down with an url. Case Closed, it is a real scam!

Scam Scenario
A person calls you and informs you that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, because you failed to appear for jury duty. They tell you that they can reschedule you and have the warrant dismissed. They then proceed to request your social security number and in some cases your credit card information. This is a scam.

There is no need to reference a scam site, please feel free to go direct to the source at the FBI through the link below.
Federal Bureau of Investigation – Press Release September 28, 2005