Earlier today I was pulled into a conversation about John McCain and politics.  I do enjoy talking politics, but not for the sake of just talking about them.  I like to find and seek truths, and opportunities and ways to make the world better.

I’m an idealist and proud of it! 


Anyway, Barack Obama has recently launched a mocking attack ad on John McCain, who has launched attack ads on Obama as well.  This particular attack ad makes fun of John McCain for not using email.


On the surface that may not seem to be a big issue, but for a technologically progressive country such as the United States of America, I’d submit that it is.  We need someone running the country that is connected culturally with the people that are keeping the country running.

So anyway the conversation turned towards a technological solution that could enable John McCain to read and write his own emails despite any physical impairment that he may have sustained during the war.

The Conversation Thread

  1. Candidates as Agents of Technological Change or Ma…
  2. War Injuries Prevent McCain from Typing/Internet
  3. War Injuries Prevent McCain from Typing/Internet
  4. War Injuries Prevent McCain from Typing/Internet
  5. Someone Give That Man a VR Crackberry!

It would be relatively simple for him to read his own email of course, but even more important he could learn to write his own email as opposed to relying on staffer to write his own emails for him.  Lets face it, we are decades past the notion that leaders must have secretaries to type for them.  John McCain may have a physical imparity that prevents him from typing with his fingers, but in 2008 there are voice recognition solutions that can eliminate this disability as an obstacle towards progress.

I will even give him a license of Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 myself and let him show the world that he is still capable of change, still capable of adapting, but more importantly so that he can show all of those Americans across the country of different ages and generations that it is never to late to learn a new skill, to overcome an obstacle, and to become even more productive to help themselves and in so doing help our country.

John Just Have your Aid or Staffer write one last email for you to me, and I’ll hook you up!

OK, enough of the politics here on this site, not really the purpose here, but it did tangentially cross the subject of Dragon Naturally Speaking and more importantly the culture of technology adoption.  We have a lot of issues in the country today as hurricanes batter Texas and futures trading drives financial institutions out of business while driving fuel prices speculatively upwards.  Nothing much happens in the US today without advanced technology and that concept needs to roost in the Oval Office this next term.