Today is the day, today is the day that I’m going to finally install

Mindmanager 7 from Mindjet.  I had intended on installing the software little over a week ago and experience some confusion when I receive the license and e-mail as opposed to an installation CD.  I had what I needed to install the program I just didn’t know it.  🙂

I did receive a Mindjet Mindmanager 7 T-shirt in the mail and I mention this in one of my articles last week.  


Stew raised the question of whether or not the T-shirt was as cool or cooler than the Mindjet baseball hat.

I don’t know the answer to that because I don’t have the baseball hat and I don’t believe that I’ve seen it.(search revealed this Mindjet schwag; not my schwag, my schwag doesn’t take up as much real estate, but I’m not complaining. I’m moving soon and excess schwag won’t do me any favors, but I digress.) 

However I did snap picture of the T-shirt as I was booting up my computer this morning.

Is the Mindmanager seven T-shirt cool?

MindManager 7 Tshirt coolness debateMindManager 7 Tshirt coolness debate 2

You will have to be the judge of that and my apologies to mindjet if I’ve made it look less cool.  It’s Saturday and I neglected to shape today and yesterday, one of the benefits of working from home.