The IQ Visual Mapping Conference is coming up this October 3rd in Morristown New Jersey. 

The conference will be hosted and led by Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D. and his professional team of preeminent visual mappers who include: Adam Clayman, Stephanie Diamond, Chuck Frey, Arjen Ter Hoeve, Kyle McFarlin, and Wallace Tait. His assembled team comes from such areas as banking, psychology, manufacturing, business management, marketing and college teaching.
The conference will be held on the campus of the College of St. Elizabeth which is centrally located in Morristown, New Jersey, in close proximity to Newark Liberty International Airport and to Manhattan via New Jersey Transit.

Assistive Technology

Presentation Topics to be Covered

  1. Project Mapping: Visual Thinking in Project Management
    Utilizing Visual Mapping for Personal and Professional Motivation and Goal Setting
  2. Increasing Personal and Business Productivity through Visual Mapping Strategies
  3. Visual Mapping as a Systematic Framework for Business Improvement
  4. Visual Mapping Software- Tools of the Trade
  5. Using Visual Mapping Tools for Marketing Your Business
  6. Using Visual Mapping Tools in Academia

Highlights of the Conference

  • Networking with fellow visual mappers
  • Learn about the latest trends in visual mapping software
  • Learn the tools and techniques of intelligent visual mapping
  • Learn how to transform your organization with visual mapping strategies
  • Learn how visual mapping can be used to organize your “information economy”
  • Learn effective ways to use visual mapping tools in academia and business


I do not personally know if I will be attending or not as I have a slightly competing conference on the other side of the country the weekend before.  However, I would like to meet the speakers, several of whom I’ve known through various mindmapping communities for sometime, but never had the pleasure of meeting in person.

But as these things go, you can’t always make every conference that comes along.  If you are going, or thinking about it, please drop me a comment or an email.  If I can attend (time permitting) I will and don’t want to miss out on something good.  🙂

Gathering together a large number of visual mapping gurus together in one hall has to be a powerful thing, who know what they might conceive, figure out, map out, plan, create, build or fix as a collective, could be finding a solution to oil prices, world hunger, time travel, or maybe something simple like the cheapest and fastest route to and from the airport in Morristown or maybe something kind of odd like charting out the path to creating weight loss pills that work or a list of foods that will increase longevity.

Its hard to say what will be in the ethos, but with so many people that have the ability to think and build together in a visual mapping context, there can’t be too much of a limit on their result.