Last week, I rapidly received an email from Nuance with my custom vocabulary.  I had run a program for a month that assessed my speech patterns.  I then uploaded that to Nuance and they made a custom profile of my vocabulary.

I downloaded it from their website and then followed their instructions to install it on my machine.

The thing is I could not tell which profile it was when I go to pick it on my machine! 

I can’t tell if I’m using my old vocabulary or the new one, because it seems to append the new information to an existing Dragon Naturally Speaking ‘User’. 

I name my user with my own name Brett Bumeter, plus I have a backup called Brett Bumeter 2.  When I added the profile to Brett Bumeter 2, it created something called Brett Bumeter 2 Old.

But neither Brett Bumeter 2, nor Brett Bumeter 2 Old look  . . . New.  So I’m running Brett Bumeter 2 on Dragon Naturally Speaking, but I do not know if I’m using the right user or not.


This is a beta program and so this type of confusion is to be expected, but I need to find out on Monday how I can install the new vocabulary and use it with the assurance that I am ‘Using it’.  Then I can figure out if it actually works better or not!

Here’s some images from the installation of the Dragon Naturally Speaking Custom Vocabulary.  There were a couple instances, where I felt like I was guessing during this process.

First I had to find the right file to click on to install it (after unzipping the file)


The run.bat file is the right one, and opens up a dos window before running a program (nice to still see something that requires a dos window these days.  Takes you back in time . . .)


here’s that DOS window I was talking about, especially for those of you to young to know what DOS is.  (Pronounced DOSS , like Dog with an Aussie, no G and no eeee)


I had a 50 / 50 chance of picking the right choice here, I picked yes.


Another fun choice, 33% chance of getting it right.


I think this is where it created Brett Bumeter 2 Old


Hurray Success! . . . . or is it?


here is where I was stymied


So at this point I start using Brett Bumeter2.  I might try running this again and putting it to Brett Bumeter, but first I’ll make a back up of Brett Bumeter and call it Brett Bumeter 3.  Then I’ll have Brett Bumeter(with the new custom) Brett Bumeter 2 with the custom , Brett Bumeter2 old no custom, and Brett Bumeter 3 old no custom.


I think . . . ???  🙂


I guess there is a reason why companies do not use beta testers for things like cars. 

Can you imagine beta testing a car?

Here Joe, we want you to test drive this rough version of a 2004 Mustang, let us know if you can’t find the brakes easily. . . .