I installed MindManager Pro 7 from Mindjet last night and the installation went off with out a hitch. I’m running Windows XP Home Media center on a Vista capable machine (haven’t installed Vista yet, I’ve been delaying due to QuickBooks 2006).

I put together a video to offer up a demonstration of the installation and my initial impressions looking at the software once it launched. I will follow up with many more videos on the use of MindManager Pro 7.

I have also been toying with the idea of a series of tutorial videos showing users how to perform the same task in 3 versions of MindManager:

  • X5Pro
  • Pro 6
  • Pro 7

Mindjet would love to have you purchase the latest version, and it probably will be the best place to start for new users. That said I run all three versions myself to get special capabilities offered by each (although I suspect I may not need to keep Pro 6 now that I have Pro 7). Never the less, I would like to share the tutorials for all three versions.