I recently asked a friend of mine, Andrew Ian Dodge to write a review with some initial impressions of MacDictate for the MacIntosh.  MacDictate now runs the Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition engine.  I personally do not use a Mac as I evolved out of the corporate world where PC’s dominate.  Andrew works as a writer, podcaster and political consultant with experience in radio and the music industry.
Andrew Ian Dodge Andrew Ian Dodge is a 37 year old American expat living and working in London. He is a writer, author, novelist, blogger, political consultant  (his full time work) and the lyricist/frontman for Growing Old Disgracefully.


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He has been writing mythos stories for many years and has written an Idiots Guide to the Mythos.

Here are Andrew’s initial impressions of MacDictate along with some Screenshots of the User Interface




I have been asked to review MacDictate and use MacDictate to write my review . Now I bought MacDictate for my father but it is becoming rather useful for me as I am going through chemotherapy and have suffered from painful fingers. This affliction meant that I was unable to type anything longer than a sure I am chat. I was interested to see how easy it would be to use this sort of programme for someone who writes as much as I do.

I have been planning to buy MacDictate for my father who is not as good a typist and is rather sick of his hunt and pecking. I was surprised and pleased that MacDictate was so easy to set up. Now it might be rather unfair of me owing to the fact that I have both radio and podcasting experience. In fact I have been both behind and in front of the microphone many times. One learns very quickly to speak clearly if one is trying to get a point across on radio or television.MacDictate-screenshot-lights It also may help that I have a so-called transatlantic accent which has a limited amount of regional dialect.

The package is quite an impressive one including a microphone headset and the software. The programme is rather easy to install and the training mechanism does not take too much effort to get right.

This does not need spending hours and hours training the software and you can get right to work fairly quickly.


My experience with such programmes goes back a few years and I’m impressed at the improvements made in MacDictate for the Macintosh with the Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition engine. Now I’ve only had it for a very few days and have yet to fully use all its varied abilities. However initial impressions bowled from installation and initial use a very good indeed. From these initial impressions I would recommend this to anyone in need of a decent piece of dictation software.




so there are some initial glimpses of MacDictate.  We hope to have some video capture of the program in action before too long.  We are also chasing down a story about video gamers using dictation to capture their moves, cheats, and conversations for publication when gaming on platforms such as the PS3 and XBox 360.