Many people have heard that Apple was experiencing a scandal involving stock options.  At that point eyes start to glass over with that knowing look.  Another scandal another topic that is too esoteric to make a difference in the world really.

The truth is that this scandal is serious.  Apple has made a serious accounting and management mistake and they have been put on notice by the Nasdaq that their stock could be delisted from the exchange.

Apple is not the only company in this type of mess, but they are high profile due to their pristine reputation and that makes them a bigger target both for analysts but also for the press and stockholders. 

Apple has requested a special hearing with the Nasdaq to argue their case and prevent a delisting, but they have provided a date identifying when they will be in compliance with Nasdaq filings. 

So far there are not too many indications that the Apple Stock Option scandal might be worse than is being reported, however other companies have been known to blow up and spin out of control in record time.  It will be very important to follow this situation and see if Apple will recover or if they will become the Super Scandal De Jour.

It would be a sad tail if having helped launch the personal PC industry, swooping in and taking over the MP3 market and saving the music industry, while shaming The Beatles, if Apple suddenly imploded over accounting mistakes resulting from their inability to grow their company in compliance with Nasdaq regulations.  Many fans, stockholders and employees will be hoping that Fried Apples do not show up on the menu anytime soon.