Monster’s and Critics put together a nice summary of activation numbers iPhone users may need to turn their iBrick into an iPhone.

Many news organizations and bloggers are calling out At&t as the source of the activation issues. I suspect that its Apple’s low tech method of activating iPhones through iTunes that is taxing At&t’s system. At&t like all major wireless carriers are setup to activate phones . . . wirelessly. Trying to force a half million activations in two days through servers handing off from Apple to At&t is definitely an exceptional process for At&t and not one that could have been tested before hand. But Apple had to be special and ‘control’ activations through their own site so they could get a few more iTunes users.

That control seems to have caused some of their new and existing customers hours of hold time headaches. Hopefully Apple tested the iPhone better than they tested their atypical activation process.

Activation Support Numbers for the iPhone

AT&T Customer Service (1-877-419-4500)
AT&T Activation Status number (877-800-3701)
Cellular Customer Service (800-331-0500)
Port Request (866-895-1097)
Apple Support (AT&T) number (877-777-4189)
Port and activations line (888-898-7685)
Apple support group (800-694-7466)

Source: AT&T suffers wrath of bloggers over activation issues – Tech