Giant solar storms could zap Earth, scientists warn / Next sunspot cycle may disrupt power, communications

So in our modern day and age, the question becomes what type of preparation is practical for potential natural disasters or serious hiccups. Is it wise or paranoid to buy extra gallons of bottled water before a hurricane, snow storm, ice storm, solar storm???

What about investing in lead shielding to protect those all important gadgets, hard drives, discs and other storage media? Or for that matter the computer chip in your car?

In the modern era we rely very heavily on technology, and even more heavily on the government and big business to prepare for us in case of an emergency. If you’ve ever worked on a backup and recovery audit or review for the company you work for, maybe you have some insight into just how prepared or unprepared some companies and government agencies can be. I know it sounds crazy but maybe even the government might not be ready for the next natural disaster that comes around.

FEMA does have a spotless track record in saving all of us from our selves and from mother nature. FEMA has never ever made a mistake in its entire existence, let alone a mistake that might have put a community, family, person, pet dog or snake in jeopardy. They can save us all, don’t you think?

Well if you disagree, I ask again. What is practical for preparation in this modern day and age and what is paranoid?

Is it practical to store an extra 10 gallons of water?

How about $300 in canned goods? (last about 100 days)

A case of assorted batteries?

A generator? (even if you don’t live in hurricane alley or lose power for a week at a time every January?)

A wind up powered radio?

Walkie Talkies?

A weather radio?

A tent & camping gear?

Seeds for a garden?

Buy a mountains with some livestock and a few plowed acres to escape to in case the North and South Pole really do melt and we all find ourselves flooded out and moving to higher ground?

How large, small or existent should your personal arsenal be?

Does Brinks respond to walkie talkie calls if the power grid is knocked out during a solar storm? Will the police?