HPNPD online is receiving much negative press for receiving information from private investigators that utilize pretexting techniques to solicity phone records under false pretenses for members of the HP board of directors and independent journalists. It would appear that this scandal may end with the anouncement of the Chairman of the boards future resignation, and possibly a few indictments of the PI’s themselves. Many corporate scandals blow over with the actual travesty of justice ignored, but sometimes the little things bring down Goliath in the end. What follows may end up being the wind up to a sling release that could bring down the hired gun and CEO Mark Hurd.

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CEO Mark Hurd has agreed to testify in the House of Representatives subcommittee as requested by Democratic Representative Bart Stupak of Michigan.

HP CEO Uses Competitor Device?
Stupak indicated that Hurd may have sent or received an email via his Blackberry that indicates that Hurd new about the prove into the leaks from HP’s board, which resulted in unauthorized access to HP board member’s phone records and phone records of multiple journalists. HP also announced that it will set up an award to sponsor ‘privacy innovation,’ which appears to be a direct appeasement to critics of the tactics used in the investigation.
HP IPAQ 6315 a wireless device made by HP

The privacy issues are very ugly to be sure. However, if the HP CEO is truly using a competitor’s device that should be even more troubling for investors and customers. If its true that CEO Mark Hurd uses a Blackberry, a wireless handheld email device made by a competing company, maybe his resignation might be the next to be announced. Perceptions of corporate misconduct might be forgiven or ignored by consumers and investors with dollar signs in their eyes but a lack of loyalty to the HP brand or at best affirming the strength of a consumer’s product over one of HP’s products might not be so forgivable for the chief cheerleader of the technology giant.

Investors may want to determine if Mark Hurd did in fact use a Blackberry. They may want to ask how many other board members use non-HP devices.

Does HP have and run Blackberry servers for its senior executives and other employees?

Why does HP not require its employees to use and promote HP devices?

Is an HP wireless device as good as a Blackberry?

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