I have an old Treo 600 and I’m just about ready to upgrade, but I haven’t figured out which carrier I’m going with and so I can’t make a final decision on the new Treo I’ll pack next.

About a month ago, I lost the stylus for the phone when I was chasing my lost dog through the woods.  Its hard enough to find a stylus for a new treo let alone find one for one of the oldest treo’s made by Palm.  I haven’t really tried too hard either.

Well, its been getting harder and harder to work the phone without a stylus, especially my alarm clock (using the Butler program).  So the other night when I was cleaning my ears out, enabling me to hear my phone a little better, I thought about hacking the Q-Tip.

So I used a plastic Q-Tip, removed the cotton from one end, and it works great as a stand in stylus.

Here’s some quick shots of the Q-Stylus in action:

Old Treo 600 with Q-Stylus replacement

Q-Stylus compartment on Treo 600Treo 600 Q-Stylus (ergo Q-tip as a stylus)


Storing a Q-Stylus in a Treo 600

Example Using Q-Stylus with Klondike

It may not be super classy.  You might not impress a client for having a lot of style, but you might get the job done more effectively.  So if function over form is your requirement of the day, then hack at it!