Show Summary is social media website that allows users to follow and be followed. The amount of followers does not really matter what matters most is to be “follow worthy” and know how to listen. The effectiveness to be followed is (1) to listen and (2) love.

Love in a sense that you love your fellow human beings like your friend and treating them with respect.

Listening is trying to pay attention and understand their needs and situation. Being a better listener makes you provide what people are looking for like on what to buy, like, know and trust. Making your post interesting makes it interesting. It’s not about liking and following but it’s about caring for somebody.

To be follow-worthy means to make your post interesting and to like other people. Helping and caring for other people will surely give a huge amount of followers.

Responding and engaging with other people is easy with Twitter for it offers tools that filters and create human connection like the category geographical location and more.

Building connection, caring and making your post interesting, unique and extraordinary will sure make your post “follow-worthy”.