Privacy Policy Generator

Blog Privacy Policy Generator

There are many great reasons why a blogger should provide a Privacy Policy on their blog. For one thing it serves to protect your readers and inform them about how they will be protected while visiting your home away from home, your blog.

Writing a Privacy Policy can be a lot of work, but there is great automated tool that generates an excellent rough draft.

The Tool

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA for short) provides a Privacy Policy Generator that will help bloggers generate an initial privacy policy for their blog or even a website in about 16 steps. This is a little more complex than creating a Disclosure Policy, but believe me far simpler than trying to write by hand.

I’ve used the service myself and even tweaked the final output to best reflect my goals and intentions.

You can try the tool free (no accounts or sign ups required)

You can also view my live example in the form of the Privacy Policy for the Maven Mapper’s Information Blog.