Create Website Terms of Service

Contractually, you may want to protect yourself from liability with your website.  This can include establishing a Terms of Service page, which is essentially an agreement that your readers agree to when they interact on your website.

This can protect you, your business and your site from liability on the off chance that someone downloads something from your website that happens to have a virus on it.

I’m sure you are an outstanding citizen and would not knowingly disperse a virus on the internet.  However, you might unknowingly upload a document that has a virus.  More commonly your website could be hacked by someone that could upload a virus to your site to disperse across the internet.

There are many other reasons for utilizing a Terms of Service (TOS) page on your website.  This is a legal issue and we can not provide you with legal advice, however we do encourage you to build and develop a TOS agreement and get legal advice to build and maintain it.