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Blog Disclosure Policy Generator + 3 Disclosure Badge Options

Blogs are becoming more and more important on the internet. More blogs are creating useful content. Many blogs are being recognized as valuable sites for information, news, creative writing, commentary and editorials.

Hundreds of thousands if not millions of Bloggers are beginning to monetize their blogs in many more creative ways, just as more traditional websites providing content did 10 years ago as the internet became more mainstream.

Today, it has become more important for blog owners to create a Disclosure Policy to establish their bonafides and provide information about their intent to monetize their blogging efforts. Basically, readers want to know if the writers of a blog are working for a company, if it the blog belongs to a company, or if a blogger has some other conflict of interest that might influence the content in a way that your average reader might want to review more thoroughly.

Softduit always encourages anyone on the internet to always, always question the validity of any content regardless of its location and regardless of the company behind the location. People should always question what they read whether it is in print or in print on a screen.

The Tool

A website called DisclosurePolicy.org provides a Disclosure Policy Generator that will help bloggers generate an initial disclosure policy for their blog or even a website in 6 fairly simple steps. I’ve used the service myself and even tweaked the final output to best reflect my goals and intentions.

You can try the tool free (no accounts or sign ups required)

Three Disclosure Badget Options

1. Disclosure Policy dot Org will provide you with a disclosure badge to add to each of your pages.

Two Even Easier & Faster means of getting a Disclosure Badge and getting paid to do it!
In addition the following two companies turn your regular links into affiliate links and provide an automatic disclosure Badge as part of the small bit of javascript they provide to set everything up.

These are the easiest and fastest methods!

Before you put this on your site, make sure you read the next article on Privacy Policies and why a disclosure policy should be included within a privacy policy.

Skimlinks creates Affiliate links + a badge with some javascript

If you utilize a disclosure badge from Skimlinks you can receive up to 12% commissions for referrals to their service!