About 4 years ago, I had to purchase a home security system out of necessity.  I didn’t live in a ‘bad neighborhood’, we had not had any break ins or vandals or any reason to change our lifestyle.  We did live in the suburbs and locked our doors, but nothing that sometimes falls under the realm of a home that ‘needs’ a security system.

Well, as the world can do strange things, I found myself in a situation where my company, run by a foreign board, was suddenly not seeing things eye-to-eye with me.  At the time I was working as an accountant, and had learned that they were cooking the books.  They didn’t want to stop cooking the books, and I was going to aid and abet them, so they decided to play good cop and bad cop with me.

On one front, they tried to negotiate with me to offer me solutions that would put more money in my pocket and allow them to continue doing what they were doing under the guise of investigating the problem.

On the other front, they threatened to have me killed.

So, I bought a security system.  It was an impromptu decision.  🙂

Now, 8 months later, after I had given lots of evidence to the government, I was no longer a threat (the damage had been done) and the threats stopped.

But it was just a few months later and one of my neighbors had their house burgled.  Four months after that, and a more distant neighbor had their house burn down.

We started to realize the value and security that came with having a security system.

As I mentioned that was a few years ago.  Times have changed and they have taken a turn for the worse economically speaking.  When unemployment goes up, when the US goes into recession, crime goes up.  Its a statistic certainty that it will go up, unfortunately.

As we prepare to hit a period of historic changes for the negative in our economy there has probably never been more of a reason for families and homeowners to spend a little bit of money and invest in their own home security system and safety and their own safety.

Some people (stubborn like myself) and blinded by the day to day grind of normal life sometimes don’t quite see the writing on the wall until it is too late.  Others, start planning long before the winter arrives and things get cold.

I learned the hard way, but definitely benefited from the lesson. 🙂

Consider also, that more people work from home these days.  We have a great deal of very important information locked up in very portable computers, hard drives, laptops, and cell phones.  For the price of a fancy cell phone, you can have a security system put in to protect your files, your credit cards, your credit, your work computer (and livelihood) not to mention your family and those other mundane possessions that fill up your house.  🙂