The future of lighting is rapidly moving to Xenon and LED technologies. The lighting is brighter and requires less energy. The applications of these technologies are moving into more and more products.

One of the most practical applications for these technologies is in the use of portable lighting especially where the lighting required is more critical than the average users needs.

Whether the need is in a military application, hunting application, police work or extreme conditions of cold or even submersed, these technologies are a perfect fit.

You can see the examples of the technology already on the market with products from the Pelican line of flashlights. Pelican flashlights come in infra red, Xenon and LED submersible work lights. Some of these flashlights are designed so as to include outgassing systems to prevent the accumulation of gas and prevent sparks and dangerous situations in working conditions that may be volatile. OpticsPlanet also provides surefire flashlights

Identify Improvements in Progress

More suppliers and designers of consumer lighting devices are turning to LED and Xenon technologies to provide brighter, longer lasting and more energy efficient products.

These products are also safer for application and use in a number of hostile environmental conditions.

Why is the owner making the changes

The technology is becoming more affordable to produce and many professional and military use requirements have fielded the technology to the level that refinements have been made and costs reduced making the products more feasible and practical for every day consumers.

What is the expected impact of the Change

Devices will result in more energy savings and more effectiveness of lighting in situations where lighting can be critical to avoiding accidents or harm to people.

Is the improvement on Target or a mis-direction

The improvement is on target and rapidly improving in most areas. The technology has made the most improvement in hand held lighting, automobile and consumer electronic devices but is lagging in deployment in household and business lighting situations.

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