I run a laptop with a 60GB hard drive and another 60GB backup, with a spare 20GB in case of emergencies.

I then have two external drives of 120GB and 180GB.  These are both external and they are about the size of a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20. They weigh about the same as a full bottle and their about as cool to carry around as Mad Dog 20/20 at an AA meeting.  Not Cool!

Now, I’ve collected by default a few too many drives and I need to slim down and get re-organized.  So I’ve been scouting around and came across something that looks like it will fit the bill, and raise my cool factor up a couple notches without breaking stride.

I found the Store-it Portable Drive. Its small at 2.5 inches wide, its basically a Hitachi Travelstar hard drive (which is what I already use in all my drives) encased in a slimline aluminum case that is USB 2.0 compatible, and offers one touch sync. It runs Retrospect, which I also already use so basically I don’t have to change my computing habits, I just slim down a notch.

Its kind of like deciding to lose twenty pounds without having to give up a diet of donuts for breakfast, Cheeseburgers for lunch and Pizzas for supper. No change in lifestyle required, just slim down, protect your information and make it even more portable than it already is.

The drive will monitor my laptop for updates, and sync file over to the Store-it drive.  Look at how slim this thing is! 

By the way as it runs Hitachi hard drives there are many sizes available as far as drive space goes, but these days with all the video and MP3’s and other programs its so much easier not to have to worry about hard drive space so I go with large drives everytime I buy.  I still have some legacy 60GB hard drives as I haven’t ported my programs to a new faster bigger drive yet, that’s more of an overall as opposed to a diet!
Very Cool!