Mindjet: Software for Visualizing and Managing Information

Mindjet’s site is showing an NBC news video that walks through the recent FOSE show in Washington. Halfway through the snipped they discuss groups of Universities, Government and Medical researchers attempts to study Bird Flu using Mindjet’s MindManager to map out the situation.

This is a great application of Mindjet being applied to the intelligence of studying or tracking a potential pandemic. Its not difficult to see the pure intelligence and military applications of using this same tool to study various things from the Strategic Level down to the tactical level, whether its an intel analyst in the field attempting to determine battle order, hierarchy of an enemy organization, communications network or even helping to anlayze or coordinate battle damange assessments. Similarly, strategic uses of the program to analyze things from money laundering to terrorist cells are easily adaptable to mind mapping software.

For more information on Intelligence uses of MindManager please contact Softduit Partners.