Check out the article by ZDNet regarding Google’s move into Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and DVR communities and advertising opportunities.

Google seeks employees for TV service by ZDNet‘s Garett Rogers — As the Radioactive Yak reports, Google has started accepting resume’s for an Interactive TV Product Manager in the Mountain View and software engineers experienced in “emerging TV standards” at the Mountain View and London locations.Google owns some domain names that seem to back up this speculation: and They currently do not own the […]

Impact Assessment:

Picture a DVR environment where you can truly find anything your are looking at any time day or night 365 days per year. If we were to speculate on the current major players in the market from set top box manufacturer’s, to the Cable Industry, to specialists like TiVo, we run into a common shortcomming.

No one has yet found a way to make it easy for consumer to get access to everything, through a remote control, easily and quickly.

Google has established itself based on the concept that you can ‘google’ the internet and find anything through a Google search enginge. They are working to expand into new areas from books, to video, music, pictures and more.

It would be a natural fit for google to build out a better infrastructure for current devices to work with. Which hardware manufacturer will line up first to have the “Powered by Google” logo branded all over their device and packaging?