I just had a great little blogging experience this evening.  I came across a terrific little blog called go2tap.com.  I would describe it as a general tech and review blog with lots of interesting articles.

The top article on Tap tonight was Bubble.us Simple Flow Chart Solutions.

I tried out Bubble.us you don’t need to establish an account to start using it, just hit start.

It was fantastic.  You can create a very dynamic flow chart or org chart with the tool.  The interface is superb for a website and even as good if not better than many software tools I’ve tried.

I am going to use the tool a bit more before I do a more in depth review, but wanted to mention it now and encourage you to try it out.  I will warn you it has a learning curve that requires about 20 seconds of study (that’s a joke its very easy to learn and very intuitive!)

here is the zoomed in version

I think one of the coolest things about the feel of the program is the scroll wheel zoom and mouse positioning of the flow chart and components.  All very very fast and very very easy.

here is the zoomed out version.

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