Igor Polyakov has taken inspiration from several sources and applied some very imaginative insight to come up with a product concept that is very interesting and a little ahead of its time.

“Glooo” is a crystal ball mixed with an atlas styled browser and laser keyboard. One part InfoGlobe and one part laser keyboard “Gloooed” together with a bit of computer.

The design would inlcude:
– browser
– skype phone
– MSN messenger
– a laser keyboard (reminiscent of the laser keyboard for palm devices that were designed in 2000) will project on any flat surface
– built in video camera for video conferencing

The concept is that a user would use the crystal globe to navigate the web and other programs.

So if you can’t quite put your finger on what’s going on in the Middle East, touch the area and you can get the latest news and weather. Have business problems in China, scratch the Hong Kong itch a bit and get updated Business news.

The form factor is an interesting concept and shows that there’s more to life than a flat panel. It also gives us a taste of the future being more three dimensional both in view and in manipulation and interaction. There is no suggestion as to how this might be tied in with Google Earth, but I suspect the two could make an interesting arrangement.

Glooo, World Browser & Communicator by Igor Polyakov

(Infoglobe product does not seem to exist any more update 2011)

GloooGlooo World BrowserInfoGlobe