Tonight, I’m picking up Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 and I can’t wait!

I am looking forward to trying out the new program more than I can probably express, which is saying a lot since I’m one of those wild blogger types.  šŸ™‚

Seriously, I like enjoy any technology that will speed up my system, speed up the work that I do, increase my productivity, or increase my ability to think and be creative and everything I’ve read so far about the new Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 program would indicate that I will benefit in all those areas from the upgrade.

IMG_4526When I first picked up DNS version 9 almost 2 years ago, the program saved me so much time and work right off the bat, that it paid for itself within at least a week if not faster.  I paid a little over $150 after finding that version on sale with some New Years Eve in store rebate special.

Now, for version 10, Nuance sent out an offer for upgrades for $99-$149 for existing users.

Note, a new physical version of the product with the DVD starts at $199, or you can pay $249 for the preferred mobile version (which is what I would have bought if I didn’t already have a dragon naturally speaking portable recorder ,which cost $120 for a total investment before version 10 of about $290 (120+$170) for the program 2 years ago with my goofy rebate.

image So anyway, I’m working on the download right now.  I believe this new version is being delivered physically in the form of a DVD.  I’m looking at a download size of about 1.6 gigabytes, so I can understand why they are shipping it via DVD. 

That said, I’m one of those impatient early adopter types, and I have to have it now!  (Ideally, so I can have it installed tonight and running when I wake up in the morning.)

I’m traveling tonight and at a friends house with my luggage only half unpacked and pushing their upgraded broadband system to the test to see just how fast it is.  So far I’m up to about 410 megabytes downloaded, and ticking up, writing this article about getting ready to use the product mostly because I can’t wait for the download to wrap up.