Earn Revenue with Auto Text Ads

There are many business models for this concept.  Some pay you a monthly fee to list a text link advertisement on your website and others pay you when you click

Text Link Ads – Script that converts text to Paying Ads!

  1. Ontok Highlighter– Sets up Contextual (not compatible with Adsense) ads that pop up on scroll over providing a link to buy products. US only.
  2. Text Link Ads– This form of text link ads does not put ads within an article, but instead puts a permanent link in your sidebar or header and pays you a monthly fee.
    1. This service will pay you more if your website gets more traffic or ranks higher, so do not neglect to visit our sections on promoting your blog!
  3. Text Link Ads

  4. Bidvertiser – Service provides non-contextual based advertisemetns. Advertisers bid to place ads on your site. When a vistor clicks on the ad on your site, you earn money. Similar to Google Adsense but not contextually based. You can run it with adsense on site. Show text-ads on your Website or Blog with BidVertiser.