We engage in a great deal of market research at Softduit and at Maven Mapper’s Information.  We are constantly looking for new partners, new sources, and new tools to help us better research industries, trends companies and more.

It’s the heart of a maven’s goal or mission to find things to help them learn and gather intelligence information.  It’s intrinsic to the definition of a maven.  I’ve received a number of e-mails this week from companies offering tools and solutions to help in this area, both in the research gathering and in the research management.

We tend at maven mapper’s information to focus on the management, however the two areas are beginning to combine.  And some of the tools and some of the sources and some of the partners are beginning to emerge the gathering with the management.

Maybe in knowledge he would be something that we can describe and software.  You might have a software program that runs on your local computer and from your hard drive, or you could have a server based solution that runs software for you.  In one you gather the software and you manage it.  In another a different company gathers the software, and they manage most if not all of it and you go there for the results.

Mind mapping and other tools of its ilk are starting to move online.  They’ve been trending that way for several years it’s not a new thing.  They are primarily a management tool and the online areas have mostly been focused on managing that information in an online forum.  There’s been one slight exception or standout example in this arena focusing on the mindmanager accelerator that worked with salesforce.com.  It’s one of the better accelerators that I’ve seen from mindjet or for many company for that matter.

Even then however the two companies didn’t focus on gathering the information for the user, instead they require the user to upload a database or input data one thing at a time.  Then later the useful management tools could be applied to manage that information.  The useful maven tools of the future will both gather the information and manage it and provide a means for the user to navigate their way through the managed information without losing any important details or any details at all for that matter to a subjective process.