Microsoft Buys Apptimum To Aid Vista Transition

Microsoft has purchased Alohabob software to add to the new Microsoft Windows Vista Operating system due out later this year. After previewing the system at CES in January, I believe that it will have a phenomenal impact on computer users.

First it appears to be a very powerful operating system. Anyone that has experienced a major windows upgrade will interpret this to mean, that they will need to buy a new more powerful system to benefit from the upgrade.

That doesn’t bother yours truly as I need little excuse to buy more computing power. Some will complain that they don’t want to spend the money on a computer w/ 2 Gigabytes of RAM, but I say there’s not time like the present to increase your computing capacity.

As an analogy ask yourself, if you had the chance to increase the computing power of your brain today would you say no? How many people do you know that would choose to opt for a slower less capable brain on any given day.

In the stock market, every day you keep ownership of a stock is a day that you have decided to buy the stock. So every day you decide to keep your brain at its current level of intelligence is a day that you have decided to buy at a slower dimmer brain than is available.

OK, analogy is over. Not everyone needs a supercomputer, however, after viewing the Vista setup, organization, and intuitive transitions I think that most people will find it a vast improvement over XP, 2000, 98, 95, 3.0 or DOS.

And let’s face it, what we are really looking for in a computer is a computer that gets better over time. We want a computer that isn’t as difficult or troublesome or problematic as the computer we used yesterday, last week, last year, last decade etc. So kudo’s for Microsoft for continuing to evolve their products (to stay alive). Kudos to Alohabob creators for graduating to the club of software companies acquired by Microsoft.

Overall computers are slowly moving into an area where they help us capture our ideas or intentions and translate that into computer action. This doesn’t mean that computers today are learning from us and re-engineering themselves. However, smart product managers, inventors, business people and a few hackers, are cutting down the square stone of a problem, one corner at a time, and eventually they end up with a wheel.

As an example, I say Kudo’s to TiVo for inventing a VCR that does not have a clock on the front of the device to remind their customers that they are probably incapable of programming a clock. Obviously, they have found a way to satisfy the age old customer satisfaction problem of the clock flashing the time at 12:00. (‘If the customers are too stupid to program a clock, then get rid of the clock’)

This verges on condescension but the whole point is to find things that are not easy and simplify them, speed them up or automate them to make the human condition easier.

If this means adding an idiot light on your car to tell you that the air pressure in your tires is too low do it. Or better yet, include an air pump that re-inflates the tire and charge a premium. If it means that you include a file transfer option for consumers upgrading from one computer (without enough RAM to run VISTA) to another computer (with ample RAM to run VISTA) then include the software that makes it easy for the consumer to trade up both the chassis and the OS of their vehicular computer.

One of the purposes behind this blog is to identify the things in life that need an overhaul, an improvement something to improve the human condition. So gather up those things, that are needed or are used already to make life better and Post them herein.
Bill Gates
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