Every year I tend to go to recycle where I tend to travel to trade shows more often. I usually end up getting burned out on it by the end of the cycle and take several months off of the trade shows. Next week I’m going to attempt the podcast and new media Expo in Ontario California. Shortly after that the EcomExpo kicks off in a completely virtual tradeshow setting, which is one of my favorites. Then I’ll be heading to Blog World and PostieCon in Las Vegas.

That will probably be the craziest tradeshow of the year I suspect as bloggers turn out from all over the world on Las Vegas. Many bloggers have been making a lot of money online over the last 12 months and turning all those bloggers lose in Las Vegas with spare cash in their pockets is sure to make for an interesting trade show.

After that the next tradeshow that will come up for me is CES in January. This is the equivalent of a trip to Mecca for consumer electronics geeks. The only thing as once you’ve seen God, you’ve seen God. This particular show does go a weary from time to time especially during seasons when there are no significant innovations being displayed. Right now there is very little buzz about the next greatest big consumer electronics gadget and I suspect that CES may be a bit of a dud this year.

In addition to visiting the trade shows this year, I’m also going to be traveling from college to college working on recruiting thousands of new students to join into Softduit’s Pro blogger internship. So while I’m in Las Vegas in attending the trade shows their November and January, and probably had down the road and visit some of the local colleges.