Apple has spent decades perfecting the art of spin.  If the company weren’t in the computer and electronics industry, you’d swear they were part of the best lobbying group in Washington DC.

After weeks of speculation, hype, leaks, fights about leaks, attacks against leakers and general hurumphing about the rights of publishers to publish leaked information, there’s enough going on here to make an ex-President smile.

Tomorrow we will find out  what Apple plans to reveal to the world yet again.  Many of these revelations fall far short of being spectacular but they always get lots of hype.  Even when they are disappointing there are usually a dozen follow up reports about the real revelation yet to come that wasn’t out of the Apple labs testing group or something.

There’s all sorts of speculation about tomorrow’s revelation.

Its going to be free video downloads, It’s nickle a sitcom downloads, Movies for fifty cents, its a mutli capable video cellular device(iPhone) with blue tooth capability, WiFi downloads, and the ability to copy movies from a TiVo and display them wirelessly on a big screen with no degradation of quality and turning the iPod into a glorified combo remote control tivo with touch screen display(think I’m joking?  Check out the description from sources at ITWire that have been reading patents), No its a new Apple iBook with a new battery that isn’t dangerous, ZDNet even through in a wishlist for a Tablet Mac 

Well, we’ll find out all too soon, and no doubt, we’ll be somewhat surprised and somewhat let down and the conspiracy theorists watching Apple will talk about delays yet again to the new super gizmo that will really change the world this time, like throwing a hammer through a big screen and changing all of us automatons into real people again . . . Hmmm maybe that’s already been done and just didn’t quite achieve the goal of the media campaign.

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