Intuit (the Quicken people) have moved further into web based software and they are now offering an impressive online software web solution and application that features the capbilities of very large systems at a subscription price. They offer a product called QuickBase. It has multiple functionalities because at its core its a database and many applications or programs require a database to function properly (just like this blog, which runs on MySQL).

QuickBase is

  • Database
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application
  • Project Management application
  • and more all rolled into one.

Now, I can count up on one long spreadsheet with several tabs of pivot tables the hundreds of thousands of dollars that companies that I have worked for have spent on meetings debating the right systems and the wrong system and how many millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on the system an implementation. We had endless meetings raving about our need and how desperate things were because the need continued to go unfilled and the company never did anything because the upfront cost for the software and the consultants and the IT support for years would easily cost millions of dollars.

Enter QuickBase

QuickBase offers the capability of these systems and more. They charge a monthly subscription rate that starts at about $249 for 10 users or about $25 per user as compared to anoterh popular online CRM only tool that costs $100 per user. But in addition to CRM you get Project Management Software (compared to MS Project at $500 – $1000 a license) and you get a powerful database system (which can cost anywhere from thousands to millions). But the hidden benefit is the IT support. Companies using QuickBase do not have to pay an army or even a couple gurus of IT people to investigate, learn, train, plan, implement, deploy, assess, beta, modify, test, repair, upgrade or anything else with the system as that is covered by Intuit’s tech support. They maintain the software on their servers. That means the experts that would normally provide the training to your IT people are the ones actually handling all the work and upgrades which centrally managed is much more efficient and helps keep the cost down significantly saving a fortune in headcount and system and software expenses.

The Key is Speed with QuickBase

Companies can save a fortune from a monetary perspective with this system, but the key is the speed in deployment. Business users with a need can literally sign up for the 30 day free trial and commence to organize their projects, their contacts and more right away. You don’t have to waste an hour, a week, a month or a year in meetings and with emails and a hundred other items thinking and talking about what you need. You can just start doing what you need to do with what you need provided immediately with QuickBase!

Expense of buying online CRM subscription through other guys $100 per month

Expense of buying Project $500

Expense of installing ERP system $100,000

Expense of installing Hyperion or Oracle $1.5 million

Getting started doing the work you need to do with all of the benefits of the systems above . . .

Priceless and fearless too with their free trial

Note the free online database trial does not require a credit card to sign up just your business information address, email phone number. This information is required as QuickBase provides a very hands on training process online through customer representatives to insure that you do not get stuck along the way. So again, you don’t have to schedule a meeting with the IT department meeting scheduler to hopefully some day talk to an IT person about getting approval for training. Instead you can get training from a QuickBase expert online in the comfort of your office or cubicle within a day or two!