The back page of Wired! magazine offers up an inspiring image. It features a dentist and assitant preparing to implant a Motorola tooth. (Nice catchy logo Motorola – The World in Your Mouth)

To be more precise its a WiFI and Bluetooth compatible tooth.

Forget earbuds, we’re talking about implanting a tooth in your mouth so that you can ‘subvocalize’ a conversation or receive an inner ear response through your jaw bone.

Pacemakers may be a necessity to keep someone alive, but would you go to the dentist or doctor to have a gadget installed in your body? In your Head?

Wired is implying that this might be a consumer trend rating up there with cosmetic surgery within the next 15 years.

What if you get an implant in your retina that allows you to view a projection screen on demand? You could virtually go onto the net at anytime.

But what if you start getting spam on your eyeballs, or what if the wireless router to your nervous system gets hacked. Neal Stephenson may have called on these incarnations years ago, but it appears to be seeping into the public conciousness as something almost acceptable.

Thirty years ago if someone told you that they could help you lose weight by sticking a large hollow tube, just under your skin and sucking the fat out, they would have thought you were nuts!

Where will you be when the world goes nuts with implants?